Major Obstacles in English to Russian Translation

Published: 10th January 2012
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English to Russian translation can become really a hectic task. Russian language has been a part of very high class literature and tradition of its own. According to a raw estimation, almost about 150 million people in Russia speak Russian while some parts of former republic of USSR also speak this language. English to Russian translation also become difficult because of the use of Cyrillic letters which makes it look like Latin at times. Other important factors that might cause trouble for English to Russian translation are given below:

Difference from English

One of the major factors that might cause the trouble in English to Russian translation is that it is very different from English the wordings, grammar, sentence structure and etc. Everything is different between the two languages However; it has been proved by research of different universities that the number of people wants to learn English to Russian translation. Therefore, English to Russian translation is in great demand now-a-days. Every country has its own language and each language has its own writing style, lexis and pattern. Russian is at the fourth position in the list of top languages used in the world.

Cultural Contexts

Cultural context is another obstacle that English to Russian translation process face. For example, even a native Russian speaker with good knowledge and grammar can face some major difficulties while doing English to Russian translation by lack of cultural contexts. Moreover, a large number of words and phrases frequently used in Russian are connected to the cultural situations of Russia. Therefore, in order to be good at English to Russian translation, you should study the cultural contexts of Russia and collect an enormous amount of knowledge. In every language there are some words or you can say phrases that are related to its culture or its historical background. So these words do not actually exist in other languages like English or any other language. This in turn creates a problem for the translator when these words or phrases come in translation.

Word Order

Word order is one of the major differences between English and Russian. In English, you find a fixed word order while in Russian it is not fixed at all. Even a little change in composition of words can lead to a dramatic change in the whole meaning. The grammatical pattern or we can say the writing style of Russian language is also not same as that of English.

Lack of words

One of the strangest facts about English to Russian translation is that, you will not be able to find exact words for certain words. For example, the word computer is also used as computer in Russian as well. But there are some words in Russian that do not exist in English language.

Even Tools Does Not Work Accurately

This era is the era of computers and software technologies. Therefore, there are a lot of tools and software developed for English to Russian translation. Some of them are pretty basic and some of them are produced by very advanced and intelligent technologies. However, most of them fail miserably because of the complexity of Russian language.

But, few online tools have been reported to work accurately to a certain extent. Hence, you cannot even rely heavily on these tools and software as well.

To wrap it all, there are various minor and major problems that you should expect to face in English to Russian translation. However, if you keep these concerns in your mind and find a quality professional translator company, you can get rid of these problems. Thus, English to Russian translation should be left to the professional companies.

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